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இசையும் நானும் (143)-Jo vaada kiya woh nibhaana padega

இசையும் நானும் (143)-Jo vaada kiya woh nibhaana padega

இசையும் நானும் (143) Mouthorgan song-HINDI  song-


Taj Mahal (1963)


Jo Wada Kiya Woh Lyrics - Taj Mahal (1963)

Movie/album: Taj Mahal (1963)
Song Lyricists: Sahir Ludhianvi
Music Composer: Roshanlal Nagrath (Roshan)
Music Director: Roshanlal Nagrath (Roshan)
Director: M. Sadiq
Music Label: Saregama
Starring: Pradeep Kumar, Bina Rai, Veena, Rahman

Jo vaada kiya woh nibhaana padega
Roke jamaana chaahe roke khudaayee, tumako aana padega
Tarasatee nigaaho ne aawaaj dee hai
Mohabbat kee aaho ne aawaaj dee hai
Jaane haya jaane ada chhodo tarsaana
Tumako aana padega
Yeh maana hame jaan se jaana padega
Par yeh samajh lo tumane jab bhee pukaara
Tumako aana padega...
Ham apanee wafa pe na iljaam lenge
Tumhe dil diya hai tumhe jaan bhee denge
Jab ishk kaa sauda kiya, phir kya ghabraana
Hamko aana padega.......
Chamakate hain jab tak yeh chaand aur tare
Na tutenge abb keh do paiman hamaare
Ek dusara jab de sada hoke dewaana
Hamko aana padega...

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  2. எனக்கு மிகவும் பிடித்த பாடல். இந்தப் பாடலில் பெண்குரல் ஒரு எக்கோ எஃபெக்டில் ஒலிக்கும். தாஜ்மகாலில் எங்கோ அமானுஷ்யமான ஒலிப்பது போல! ஏன் கேட்கும் வசதி இங்கேயே வராமல் லிங்க் மட்டும் தெரிகிறது? ஆரம்ப இசையையும் சேர்த்தே வாசித்திருக்கிறீர்கள்.

    1. Dear SriRam

      Thank you for your comments.
      The beginning tune of the song alone will make us to know the beginning of this great melody.
      Because of that I have taken lot of efforts to play the tune.

      This song is very close to my heart from my college days when I was doing my Pre University at Govt Art. College Mount Road. after hearing this song in Vivida Barthi. in the year 1963

      Still I have not seen the film

      It took me 53 years to see the lyrics and played the song in mouthorgan.'

      The instrument I use is cheap one (Rs.400) If I use a costly HOHNER product involving thousands of rupees
      I can do wonders with it.

      It took me 10 days to bring the opening tune of this song.

      I have tried to capture the mood of the song.

      But I feel I have to travel a lot.

      Since I have got lot of favourites in my mind to be MH
      I am unable to concentrate in a single play 100 percent perfect.

      I am nothing when compared to the great composers of music.

      But my passion for music makes me to catch a small glimpse of the original.

      As I have already crossed major part of my life

      I am in hurry to bring to the attention of music lovers about the Golden songs of the past
      before my departure from this world.

      I don't know the amount of gas available in my cylinder.

      Hence I am unable to concentrate too much on perfecting the songs.

      TR Pattabiraman.