Friday, February 19, 2016

If you allow one ant.....

If you allow one ant.....

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Our mind is like a lake with pure
and crystal clear water when we
come out of the womb in this 

But we make it filthy and make it
unfit for anything at the time of going to tomb 

At one stage we loose our mental 
power and  unable to voice 
against this worst situation and 
become a dumb onlooker .

One desire brings countless desires
to make us confused and agitated 
and rob our mental peace and stability 

Our mind is like a sweet candy full of
sweet memories and abode of peace.

Desires are like ants. If we have no control 
over the gates of our mind consisting of various senses
the ant will enter  our mind . 

It won't come alone .It will bring thousands of ants .
and eat away the entire candy in no time. 

If we allow one desire ,it will breed countless desires 
and grow like cancer cells and in the course of time 
our mind will loose its happiness and mental stability
and kills us little by little. and make us brittle even
during a small failures in our life. 

Hence we must be doubly careful about ants
which enter our mind in the guise of desires which
destroy our real identity of our self. 

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