Thursday, February 18, 2016



Life is a blessing.

yes Life is  a blessing

For whom and How?

If you look into the word"Blessing"

You can find an answer.

Blessing contain two words.

One is BLESS and another is SING

To avail the full potential of these two words you

must be impartial and un biassed

otherwise it won't work for you.

You bless everybody whoever come before you

with full hearted love irrespective of their religion, race or colour.

You bless all whoever wants to come up in life.

It gives happiness to both the person who bless  and the blessed.

If you bless with love
GOD will you bless with everything.

Finding fault with everything will corrupt your mind and
makes your life into a veritable hell

Find the remedy for the fault wherever you notice.

Your heart knows that GOD has never blow up your faults unless you expose others
embrassing and exploiting their predicament

Our ears are to  hear music ,that too good music,

Hear melodious music whenever time permits
without disturbing others.

If you are not able to sing ,never worry.
hear good music again and again.

If you are spiritual minded hear lot of devotional music.

It will calm your turbulent mind and make it a abode of peace.

If you try to follow this your life
will be full of life brimming  with happiness

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