Tuesday, November 13, 2012

ஒரு வேடன் ரிஷியானான் எப்படி?

ஒரு வேடன் ரிஷியானான் எப்படி?
இராமாயண காவியத்தை இயற்றினான்

விவரங்களுக்கு படியுங்கள். 


    This is a story. A very old story. 

    There was this hunter who was also a robber. 
    He used to kill animals, birds, etc., and take them home to his family. And he also used to waylay passers-by and rob them. He would also kill them without mercy.

    One day, a group of mendicants passed-by. 

    As usual, the hunter stopped them and ordered them to lay down everything that they possessed. They did so.
    Except one.
    He was a rishi.
    Must be a small-timer. Because we do not know his name. 

    He addressed the hunter, thus:
    "Before I impart with whatever I have, answer me some questions. Why do you do this?"
    The hunter answered, "I am doing it for me and my family"
    The rishi said, "Very well. Whatever you are doing, you are sharing with your family. But whatever that you are doing is sinful. Which will pursue you constantly from birth to birth. This will cause you a lot of misery. Pray tell me. Will your family to whom you seem to be so much attached, and for whom you are incurring so much sin - will they share your sins equally?"

    The hunter could not answer.

    He said,"How would I know that?"
    The rishi said,"You'd better ask your family and then tell me. And then you 

can take my belongings. I promise to wait here until you return".

    The hunter went back and asked his dear wife and adoring children, "Dear ones. You have lived in comfort and joy and have been free from hunger and want because I have been providing you with everything that I could possibily give you. But in the process, I have been incurring a lot of sin. This burden of sin is going to cause me a great deal misery that I am going to suffer in all my births. Would you share with me whatever sin that I have accumulated because of you?"

    The dear wife and the adorable children simply said, "Muunjap paar! Get lost!". 

    Our hunter was really lost now.
    He came back and told the answer to the rishi and told him that he was really lost now. 
    The rishi told him, he was lost because he had lost his peace.
    The hunter asked him what he should do to lose his lostness and regain his peace. 
    The rishi said, "Go then and meditate". 
    Now the hunter was really really really lost.
    "Hey. How do I meditate? In the first place, what the heck is meditation?"

    "That you have to find out yourself, buddy. You can't find out unless you meditate". 

    Now this fellow was in a mess. He was in a fix and a jam. He started to say,
    "You must tell me some more before I......"

    "Now stop this gabbering and get lost, you!", said the rishi and went off very swiftly. 

    This fellow was now in a terrible quandary - more than our friend AruNagiri would be, centuries later, when he would be saved by a monk when he tried to commit suicide. The monk told him to 'keep quiet' - 'sollaRa; summaa iru'.
    Ooooer...These terrible monks.

    So the hunter went and sat alone and was wondering how on earth he was going to meditate. 
    By and large, another rishi came along.
    He asked our friend, the hunter what he was trying to do. 
    The hunter told him the story and asked him, "How do I meditate?"
    The rishi said, "Very simple. Very very simple. Just repeat these two syllables 

- 'Raa and Maa'"
    The poor blighter could not remember the sequence of these two syllables. 

He failed disasterously. 
    So the rishi pointed to a nearby tree, and asked him "What is that?"
    "Oh, that? That is a tree - 'maraa'. Simple. Very very simple. Very very very simple". 
    "Thats it! Thats just it! You goddit, sonny boy! Thatsit! Just keep on repeating hat word again and again and again and again and again and again." 

    The hunter found a shady tree and sat down and repeated the word again    and again and again and again and again and again........
    Until he got lost.
    He got lost in a cocoon of termite hill.
    At long last, he was aroused by the rishi who had taught him the syllables.
    The robber hunter came out of the termite hill.
    He was transformed.
    A Rishi was there instead of a robber hunter.
    He had metamorphosised within the cocoon of the termite hill.
    Thus was born Valmiki - He of the Termite Hill.


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