Saturday, December 20, 2014

Beware-Human birth is precious.

Beware-Human birth is precious.

Beware-Human birth is precious.

Human birth given by GOD to us is hard to obtain 
It is even too hard to attain freedom from birthBirth is followed by death and
death is followed by birth

We are the deathless atman.
But the body in which it travels is facing birth and death Continuously

In each birth the jeeva is accumulating new karmas
besides enjoying the fruits of
past karmas accumulated in past lives.

Karmas bring good and evil effects based on the motives of the actions
committed by the jeeva based on the good or bad intentions of the doer in all the lives.

Unless and until this vicious circle stops there is
 no end to this painful samsaara

The life given by GOD is not for entertainmentEverybody should utilize this golden opportunity
to get enlightenment

The sole purpose of the soul for coming to this world 
is to know the sole proprietor of the universe only
The GOD who has given birth to us resides in our heart
and make us to act and be with us always,
but we make no effort to know him.due to ignorance.
The search for GOD should be done inwards and not
outwards as most of the humans do due to ignorance

GOD is the embodiment of truth and Unless and
until the truth in word and deed
is practiced ,any amount of prayers and

any form of worship through any religon
will never bear any fruit
The ultimate reality is one.
But the Forms ofGODS are countless.
Unless the jeeva realize the GOD
resides in him at the first instance ,
he cannot see the GOD resides
 in the heart of every creation in the world
Our senses won’t allow us to tread this path to know
this sacred truth since we have lost control over them

Our accumulated sins will never allow us to realize the truth
even we have earnestly started the process towards it

Without the grace of satguru the grace of GOD cannot be
obtained because the path is more dangerous and painful

For getting GOD's grace we have to find out a Satguru at the first instance
who will guide us by clearing all obstacles in this holy path

Unless and until we become Selfless,compassionate towards all the creations
around us without doing any harm and thinking and doing good in thought,word
and deed and unshakeable faith in the words of Satguru,there will be no
progress.towards attaining GOD as the GURU and GOD are one.

Let us pray to GOD to make us good,to get a Satguru,through him we can
realize him and put an end to this dreadful samsaara.
In this kaliyuga finding a Satguru is highly impossible for a sadhaka
due to poor knowledge of sacred texts.and scriptures.

But GOD who is more compassionate towards his creations came to SHIRDI
as SriSainath to lift the humanity from the wheel of maya and save them from ruin
and remained there for ever to bless all who has shed their ego surrendered their self at his
lotus feet

We are fortunate and if we fail to avail this golden opportunity 

the loss is only for us.

Glory to Sri Sainath .

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