Monday, February 25, 2013

How to find a GURU?

How to find a GURU?

QUESTION: For the realisation of self 
everybody says a GURU is important
without Gurus grace it is impossible 
to attain salvation
Is it true?

ANSWER::Yes without Gurus'grace and 
that too without SADGURU's grace 
who has actually a realised soul 
who is free from ego and worldly desires 
it is impossible to attain salvation. .

Question: But in this world there 
are thousands of people 
proclaimed themselves as GURUS 
and cheating people.
How to find the
real SADGURU in this world.?

Answer: We cannot find such a 
soul with our mind
immersed in worldly desires. 
We must sincerely pray to GOD 
to show a SADGURU 
by discarding all other desires. 
If we are sincere in our faith 
GOD will show you the GURU
to the sincere seekers. 

If your heart is sincerely 
longing for a GURU
to guide you
the GOD will send you 

Don't visualise or compare 
with the past or existing GURUs  
how a GURU should  be 

It is the mind that 
makes comparison.
The GOD will decide 
who will be the guru.
who should be your guru  

You pray to GOD
 to show you a guru.

You discard all your other prayers and 
pray one  with one pointed GOD
to show your GURU 

Then you will get him.
I assure you. 

If you approach any guru with a  
preconditioned mind
you wont get any salvation.

Your mind will compare the present guru 
with other gurus and make you confuse 
which will take you from bad to worse. 

The real test to know your guru 
is very simple.If your heart is sincerely 
longing for a GURU
to guide you
the GOD will send you 

Hence you have to 
decide your own guru. 
Don't seek guru 
from other opinions.
It wont solve the problem

So decide yourself. 
You have to 
go alone in this issue. 
Your Guru will be GURU for you only.
what he says to you is for you only. 

he may prescribe different solutions 
for different people. 

You cannot expect tailor made 
solutions. in this field

If you sit before him 
your mind will go off. 
and you will have 
no questions to ask.

Once you accept a soul as your  guru
you should have undisputed faith 
in his words. .you should not look
into the ways he behave towards others
Then only you will progress .

The choice is yours.

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