Monday, February 25, 2013

surrender your soul to GOD

surrender your soul to GOD

Question:I pray to GOD ,I do pooja regularly,
I go to temples and participate in rituals,
I recite slokaas etc.I listen to discourses.
I go temples  all over the globe.I visit mutts meet gurujees 
But I still I have not gained anything in spirituality.
My mind is restless .At times I feel what is the use of these 
actions performed all those years. 

The answer is very simple. 
Your mind is outward only. 
All these years you are concentrated 
outward practices only.
 You have not done anything 
to your soul inside.
that is the main reason.
 The soul wont satisfy with 
these outward happenings.
 It feel immensely pleased 
if you go inward and 
clear the obstacle inside 
to attain salvation and 
peace of mind. 

For which you 
have to surrender
your soul to him

Then he will render all help 
without asking you. 

then you can enjoy bliss
 under any trying circumstances 

People are willing to surrender for anything 
and surrender to anybody for material gains 
except GOD 

If you surrender wholeheartedly
he will relieve you from pains 
by giving you unbearable pains
like a doctor who operates on a tumor 

unless you give power of attorney to him 
without any preconditions 
he won't enter your heart
which is full of desires and doubts.

He is waiting in your heart day and night 
that one day you will allow him to act on behalf.

But your mind is always doubting 
whether he will accept your prayer or not
and save you.

we people are always calculating 
and manipulating things.

we  lack  faith in him 

we are always attached to worldly things and 
the happenings around us 

our mind is always immersed in sorrow 
for the things we do not have 
and we never enjoy what GOD 
has given to us.

we assume and presume things.
and lament for the things we long for.

In such circumstances
it is very difficult to 
pass the examination. 

we are always interested 
in passing the buck on others.

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