Wednesday, March 27, 2013

What is the purpose of life ?(Part-1)

What is the purpose of life ?(Part-1)

Life is not for learning 
for earning only

we must also to learn to forget  the harms
done by others to us and
the good things done by us to others
and also everything we havelearnt in the end

Life is not for lust.It is for love and
that too not with  lifeless things

Love should be unconditional,
true,without expectation
alone will bring peace
Other forms of love
will contaminate  us and
kill us in the end

Life must be run with intelligence
 but if it has got the guidance of intutution
the life will be peaceful and happy

Life full of selfish motive will make us
isolated surrounded by
enemies in this world

The sole purpose of life is not for entertainment only
The ultimate goal of life is enlightenment of the soul

Life full of sacrifices is the easiest way to reach GOD
The trees give away everything with it for the benefit of all
A cow gives away its milk for the benefit of humanity

But selfish humans take away all the milk without
even giving milk to the calf. They even torture them 
and  kill the cows to satisfy their taste mercilessly

We came to this world as an ignorant fool  
having learnt so many things we become arrogant
and go against all good norms   and started
thinking that people around us  all are
fools.and writing our destiny
of downfall in the end

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