Wednesday, March 27, 2013

What is the purpose of life-Part(2)

What is the purpose of life-Part(2)

Life is to give only and not to take
because nothing will come with us
when we leave this body.

The joy of giving to the have-nots by word
and deed is more enjoyable
than receiving from others.

It has to be experienced only by doing it.

Serving others for fame will one day
or other land us in shame

Serving others is natural for human beings
but the most of the mankind
has forgotten this trait.

But the plants and animals follow this rule
of GOD and lives happily together
till their stay in this world..

When crores of birds, creatures ,plants live
and grow peacefully
adjusting with each other man is not
able to live together because
of his ego and jealousy resulting
in hatred and fight them themselves
and get destroyed.

This world is a beautiful and happiest place
created by GOD among all
the crores of planets by him.

GODS have come down to earth and live
here and teach the mankind about this truth .

But the mankind is becoming man eaters
day by day  and making this heaven of earth
into a hell of suffering.

Wearing of Golden ring or diamond ring
won't teach you the purpose of
alone will teach you the purpose of life and
make your mind turn towards the creator.

The man who is having anything
more than his requirement is a thief. Only 

He will be stripped of his excess
possessions sooner or later by the
messengers of GOD by way of loss,theft etc

Once an evil thought enters the mind of a man
the countdown for his
downfall starts from that moment.

And most of the people are not taking treatment
for the rootcause of the disease
but  take  treatment for the disease only
which never get cured till the end.

It is as cutting the branches of  a
poisonous tree without cutting its
roots and destroying it.

A good thought is like a fragrance
It will make the thinker happy and
also the people come in contact with the person
like a flower spreads
its fragrance which gives joy
 to all irrespective of their
religion,caste or creed or
race.and even insects.