Wednesday, March 27, 2013

What is the purpose of Life(Part-3)

What is the purpose of Life(Part-3)

A single person with a strong mind 
full of hatred
is the root cause for  the wars 
and consequent
destruction of life and property of
millions all over the world  

in the past
and present and 
in future also.

Unless and until each person is free
from this hatred towards
humanity the war of destructions
will never come to an end.

We have come to this world to live peacefully,
happily but most of the people wished to
live in hell only thinking that hell is heaven.
In their mind.

Let us all pray together

GOD to change this attitude of mankind.
To love others is to love GOD

To see GOD only in places of worship and
in images  is foolish and ignorance

To see GOD in everything and behind
every actions and love every creature
which works for the welfare of mankind
has only to be learned in life.

And not but to amass wealth
at the cost of health is not the way of life

A fish out of water will die so also
if the GOD stop our breath we
can't do anything.

Keep this in mind and start
a purposefull life
from this moment itself
because the next moment
is not in our hands.