Tuesday, February 4, 2014

What is ego?

What is ego?

What is ego?

Ego is a thought

How a person will behave 
affected by ego?

The person affected by ego will
become arrogant. and think himself  that
he is superior to others,and want to rule over others,
with selfish motive,

How to find a person who has no ego?

He will be humble, lovable, happy, contended
treats everybody as his self. He has no wants.

Where its exist?

It exists in your mind

How it works?

It works in millions of ways

How it affects  an individual?

It affects him/her in so many ways.

From where it appear?

It appears from the heart
along with the Prana the life force

How to control it?

If you can control Prana you can control it

What is the nature of ego?

Its nature is look outside only

How to know its source ?

You have to look inside your heart.

What is mind?

It is nothing but thoughts of the past,
present and future

Is it possible to go inside with the help 
of mind ?

No. it is not possible

Then what is the way out?

Don't mind the mind and keep quiet by not
giving importance to the thoughts arise in the mind

Can we control the mind?

It is very difficult .
You can control your mind
by different methods.

But they are temporary measures only.
If you loose you control it will regain its
strength and overpower you

Then what is the remedy ?

It is very simple.
Keep quiet.

Don't respond to the
thoughts arising in the mind .

Don't execute any thoughts
of the mind .for sometime.

At the first instance
break away the yearlong habits.
that has made you a slave to your mind

Then next?

Go beyond mind in silence .

Go to the source where the
mind rest during sleep

Try to be away from worldly
people for some time

Always think about the source inside
your heart rather running after the
resources outside

Is it possible to attain this state?

Sure .If you try hard to negate all other thoughts and
keep only one thought
(i.e) to realize your self.
and make effort continuously
you will succeed.

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  1. Wonderful. Keep away all negative thoughts. Keep only one thought "I am the Self" and then we become our natural Self.