Friday, January 29, 2016

our enemies

our enemies 

Tears and fears are our worst enemies 
Cheers and smiles are our best friends 

Selfishness leads us to disappointments in life 
Selflessness leads us to freedom from confrontation 

It is a sin to eat a lavish food in 
front of an  hungry man is in front of you 

Amassing of wealth disproportionate to one 
needs will never give them  joy 

Greediness is the worst form of 
mental disease which will destroy everything 
you have acquired in life 

The real happiness can be obtained only when you 
make the unhappiness person happy. 

The person who exploits other'a weakness for his
personal benefit is a worst coward in the world 

Having born as human if you failed to love 
fellow beings you are considered as a  wild beast
in human form only. 

The highest goal of human life is not 
amassing wealth or fame or name 

To attain the quality of even mindedness 
even at the stage of losing everything 


  1. Dear Sri Pattabhi Raman,

    Pattabhi Raman is a versatile personality. He is a great devotee of Lord Rama, a good portrait painter, an expert player Mouth organ, a good singer, a good Tamil Poet, a good English poet and above all a very good human.


    1. Thanks VSK sir

      The life has taught me a lot.

      The words of James allen "It is a new life everyday"

      The lines I read in the book of "Dale carnagie"-"Bury the past"

      The poem of Mahakavi BarathI" சென்றதினி மீளாது மூடரே -நீவிர் சென்றதனையே நினைந்து கொன்றழிக்கும் கவலையில் வீழ்ந்து குமையாதீர் ... இன்று புதிதாய் பிறந்தோம் என்ற எண்ணமதை...

      The immortal words of Kavignanr kannadasan"உலகம் ஆயிரம் சொல்லட்டுமே- உனக்கு நீதான் நீதிபதி -மனிதன் எதையோ பேசட்டுமே -உன் மனசை பாத்துக்க நல்லபடி..

      The words of Nepolean hill- The keep your thoughts of sucess like a burning fire-which should not make you eat, sleep till it is achieved

      The words upanishads- what ever /whever happes-happened is happened- think next/what is next -dont get carried away by emotions, delusions/illusions.

      I read thousands of books in my life at one point of time irrespective of my busy schedue till midnight everyday

      At one stage I stopped reading and viewing TV once for all ,as I found everything in the books are only the references and experieces of others and not of their own.

      So I decided to carve a path for me and followed it one by one.which shaped me to whatI wanted to be.

      Once my mind which was turbulent and violent and worried has now become calm

      Today my mind is not torturing me to do anything, I do y any work that come before me like a machine. and then I forget it .

      The number of thoughts flashing and troubling in my mind has been greatly reduced.

      This allows me to chant the GOD name often. without hinderence

      All the people who have around me who have betrayed, cheated me, failed me, landed me into a veritable hell ,made me unhappy Continuous failures,disappointments sufferings shaped me like this.

      After I forgiving them in my mind my mind has become calm as no purpose is going to be served by thinking them again and again

      Rock like faith in Rama Nama, chanting of vishnu sahasrama,a bit amount of charity whenever/wherever possible-help to those who were neglected/refused have saved me from ruin to the life now I am today.

      I wanted to be an artist, writer, poet, an orater to speak in front of an eucated gathering, musiciation, composer, most of all rama baktha ,a strong faith in GOD are getting fulfilled one by one even though I have no opportuniies to learn all these for want of patronage or time.

      I wanted to write commentaries on Tiruppaavai, Thiyagaraj Kities, and about many saints have bee fulfilled through my blogs.

      I wanted to write the glory of Tamil language which was also fulfilled to a certain extent.

      The grace of saints like Swami Sivananda, Bagavan Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Seshadri swamigal, Bagavan Ramaa, Yogi RamaSurathkumar Tiruvalluvar, Vallalaar, Purandaradasar, Sadguru Thiyagarajar, BadrachalaRamadasar, Sri sadasiva Brammenrar,Shirdi SaiNath,Sri Agathiyar, Sri Kaagabujandar and innumerable saints and rishis and ,gurus, well wishers who find some good things in this fool makes me proud and my heart goes to them with due revernce and kodi pranaams to all of them .

      A man may knew some persons but the indweller GOD knows every being to surrender to him will get you everything you want without asking for it.

      This is my uncorrupted faith which I consider as the best boon givien to me by GOD.

      Lord RAMA will ward off all evil forces in our mind as there are no enemies in the outside world which is our mis conception due to our ignorance

      It is better surrender to the will of the GOD rather than surrendering to humans for selfish reasons who are selfish to the core .

      I also wants to thank Sri Anand Vasudevan who has given exposure to me among the great readers of through "Amirtha Vashini"

      Thank you. again

      TR Pattabiraman