Tuesday, January 28, 2014



I am the mind 
I am the body 
are only illusions 

I am the self 
I am the atma 
are only available solutions.
Says Bagavaan Ramana 

The state before going to
sleep is a long dream of
names and forms 

The state before the
deep sleep seeing names and forms
is a short dream 

During the deep sleep 
there is no knowledge of
mind and body and no dreams 
and screams of fear and  anxiety 

when a river merge with the 
ocean it loose its name 
so also when the mind merge with
the atman loose everything in it.

when the mind completely dissolved
the atman shines in its full glory 
as a sun free of clouds shines in the sky 

when the mind forgets the 
atman all the thoughts of I and body 
the world of names and form appear 
in our consciousness 

when the mind thinks about the self alone 
forgetting everything constantly 
the thought of the body and world 
which gives us untold suffering 

oh seeker.!
why not you make sincere efforts to retain the 
small amount of bliss enjoyed during deep sleep 
daily permanently in your heart?

oh seeker !
Decide yourself which do you prefer?

To remain with the mind and suffers 
for millions of years or
 to remain permanently  in the self 
enjoying eternal bliss? 

Decide yourself. 

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