Friday, January 31, 2014



Every body wants
to be free

Everybody wants to be
from outside interference

Everybody wants to be from
inside negative emotions

Are they actually enjoy the freedom?

It is a question mark

Because nobody enjoys any freedom in this world
even though all people talk of freedom.

But nobody knows
what the real freedom means ?

Some think that there should not be any restrictions
for their activities. by  external force or internal force

But in the real life it is not so

There are thousands of restrictions imposed by the nature
and by the society on individuals obstructing their freedom
in hundreds of ways.

Emotions play a vital role in the enjoyment of freedom.
but it not lasts longer. Soon  a tragedy swallows the entire
happiness into life long sorrow in many cases

A man slave to his bad habits will never enjoy freedom
till he get out of them

A person with full of ego in the mind who always
 wants to rule over others cannot enjoy freedom
as along he sheds his ego.

A person full of fears in his mind about everything
cannot enjoy freedom even though he is
protected by armed guards

The religious heads put lot of restrictions
on their followers.

The ruling Govt. put thousands of restrictions
on everything  by way of force and lot of rules and regulations.

The parents and teachers impose
lot of regulations and restrictions on the children.

wherever we go ,to temple ,a public place
,from one place to another place ,and
from one country to another country
,lot restrictions. are imposed .

Freedom is curtailed on the basis of
poverty, race, color, religious faiths
believers, non believers. etc

It is seen from above
nobody is actually free

Under the circumstances what is the use of this human birth
which has no iota of freedom during the waking hours and
during the stay in this world?

Moreover the human birth consists of poverty,
hunger, old age,  pains, deceases, sorrows,unhappiness,
sadness and finally death.

Because of this our great saints prayed to
GOD that they don't want human birth at all

They want to be with GOD himself
to live in eternal bliss free from all troubles.


  1. Dear Sri Pattbhi Raman,

    You have very well said. The real freedom is freedom from the cycle of birth and death. This will be possible only if we free ourselves from ego.


    1. Dear VSK

      The "E" is ready to "GO"
      But we never allow it to go
      for selfish reasons.