Friday, January 31, 2014

How to meditate on GOD

How to meditate on GOD

Chant the name of GOD
But meditate on the form of GURU 

you will get realization soon. 

Swami Sachidanandha .Anandaasramam kanjankad 

Chanting of the 
name of GOD is very easy 

Because It requires only one thought 
(i.e) remembering his name only.

But constructing the image the GOD 
and install him in our heart is cumbersome.

It requires lot of effort.

The reason is that our mind has been
trained to worship  thousands of images of GODs 
for thousands of years. 

A laymen or a learned people 
are not aware of this.

Only a realized soul alone really 
understand this truth. 

In our tradition GURU alone and 
that too the SATGURU alone
is capable of removing our ignorance  
and also our arrogance which 

prevents us heading towards GOD
Such a SATGURU is GOD himself. 

As we see SATGURU often and prostate before him 
and hear his words. through  our senses with  full attention 

without any distraction.his form stick to our mind strongly. 
That is why it has been advised 
to meditate on the form of SATGURU 
who is the embodiment of 

several images as GODS 
we worshiped makes 

easy progress towards 
our journey of realization .
of our self.  

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