Sunday, August 26, 2012

What is your status in this world?

What is your status in this world?

You own nothing .

That is the real status. How?

To move ,to do, to act,  in this this world GOD gives you  
a fresh lively,machine called human body
which look after its maintenance by itself. 
free of cost  for you for the good things
done in previous lives from birth to death 

To think GOD he has given you a 
powerful machine called  mind 

But due to the thought 
come out of ego humans think everything belongs to them ,
and everything is done by them 
when everything is done by GOD 

Due to this humans develop selfishness and arrogance 
and thus cause sufferings to fellow beings and 
themselves harm them by way of sufferings
by body and also of mind  .

They want to rule over others and grab others possessions
by illegal means and possess legal titles
and thus earn lot of sins to make their life hell 


To escape from this trouble and to enjoy the life in this world 
always keep in mind that everything belongs to GOD and
he has given us everything for the welfare of all and 
do your duties with humility at heart and with love 
as destined by GOD without any attachment. 

Chant the name of GOD all the time and remember him 
that your heart will fillup with divine love and 
the ego will leave from your heart and 
make you pure to receive the blessings of GOD

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